Illustration: Alex Eben Meyer for OneZero

One owner reported their bored dog simply lays on top of all their buttons and ‘just starts mashing them’

All I found was a barbecue grill

Illustration: Erik Blad

‘You feel normal.’ ‘You feel normal.’ ‘You feel normal.’

The Tanaris Desert in World of Warcraft. Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Illustration: Janet Mac

Bad Ideas

I spent one week using binaural beats and came away unchanged

Bad Ideas

Drinking sludge to get through the tough days

Illustration: Mushbuh

Bad Ideas

To kill my digital self, I had to create an army of clones

Illustration: Janet Mac

Bad Ideas

A day of nothing flipped my brain into a low-energy mode

Illustration: Joe Melhuish

The Noon Ride attracts dozens of tech workers, venture capitalists, local Olympians, and professional athletes to its weekday rides in Palo Alto. Photography: Nate Abbott

Into the Valley

Elite VC bike rides are giving way to chiller adventures

Steve Rousseau

I write about technology. Regular contributor to Medium’s OneZero. Seen in Vice, Businessweek, The Outline and others. he/him.

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