Vision Alignment and Decision Making

In order to maintain alignment between your organization’s vision and what it is actually doing, use this quick four step routine. Vision-Strategy-Execution-Repeat.

Vision is your vision for the future that will be created by your organization. How are you going to make the world a better place. Strategy is what you will do or produce to fulfill that vision. Execution is all the activity that will be needed to achieve your strategic goals which in turn will bring about your vision.

This is also a great routine to run decision making through. If you find yourself asking, “Should we do X?”, the answer will come when you consider a yes or no answered based on alignment with your vision and your strategy to achieve that vision. Would X be a logical part of our strategy to help us fufill our vision for the future?

Repeat the first three steps as many times as you need to maintain alignment and make decisions that keep you in alignment.

The most over used example (but still a good one) of how this works is Apple:

Vision: Change the world through technology.

Strategy: Build elegant, easy to use technology that inspires and enables people to change their world.

Execution: Design and build Apple computers, iphones, ipads, etc.

Repeat: In the past Apple has been able to go to the next product by returning to the Vision and developing products that truly have changed the world.

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