So, what’s this going to be?

Most of my friends know that I like to work on projects outside of, and not related to, work. I do these for fun, for unrestricted creativity, to prove to myself that I still can do them and, for some, to see if they can be realised as a creative or financial success. These projects range from mobile games (see Sea Monkey Madness), short films, industrial design, fashion and really, anything else that I think might interest me.

I also like to help out other people with their side projects, particularly helping them stay motivated and breaking the task down into short manageable chunks that allows them to make slow but steady progress towards achieving their goals. Recently, one of my friends who I was helping create a plan of attack for his project commented on the number of side projects that I have worked on and asked “Do you document your process?”

That got me thinking, “I probably should try that”. Throughout my research on specific projects I’ve found heaps of skills and techniques that are both transferable and required in other areas. It would be pretty handy to have them all listed in the one place for myself or anyone else to find.

I’m probably not going to post a step by step of how I do any one project (because who has the time) but more general skills like design, prototyping, marketing, project management etc, that I’ve tested in the field and any project can use. I’m also going to use this blog as a space to keep helpful links to similar topics, so at least I know where to find them again!

I’m well aware of the probability that I may be the only person who checks this blog, but if anyone out there has any questions, tips or suggestions that are relevant, feel free to reach out. More people making their dreams a reality can only be a good thing!

(Also at this point I’d like to make it clear that all opinions that I post in this blog are strictly my own and don’t represent the views of my employers past, present or future!)

Keep making things!