So, how do you actually advertise on Facebook?

Photo Credit: reynermedia — flickr

OK, you’ve made your first product, app, service, whatever and you need to get the word out. You’ve probably heard that Facebook ads are a pretty cost effective way to advertise, particularly if your target market isn’t limited to your local area, but how do you actually go about doing it?

A while back I created a t-shirt run for my mobile game, Sea Monkey Madness, as a few of my users were asking for them. I ended up printing the shirts through Teespring, which is a whole other beast itself that I might write about another time, but what they do have is a really great video tutorial series that takes you through all the steps of getting your first ads up and running on Facebook.

As you would imagine its based around what you would need to do to get it to work with Teespring, but most of the lessons will work for whatever you’re selling. I’m not a big fan of their semi-automatic ad creators, as a designer I can definitely come up with something a bit better, but the general guidelines in this area are reasonably good (except the red border bit!). Also don’t forget to watch the last video as that is about how to setup the updated Facebook Pixel, for tracking your ads conversions (the previous video for this is now out of date).

I will say that getting good conversions isn’t as easy as they make it out to be the first time, but it may take some time and its still a great way to target your audience in a way that’s pretty hard to beat.

Follow the link to see the full set of training videos.

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