So, how do you design a moving building?

OMA’s concept for Ministry of Sound’s new building in day and night. All images courtesy OMA

Dynamic architecture is not a new beast. In its simplest form it could be an awning that temporarily opens up to let light and air through, or scale it can be scaled up to the size of massive movable roofs on sports stadiums around the world. It can even change the whole appearance of a building, as seen in the video of the Kiefer Technic Showroom below.

Kiefer Technic’s showroom features programmable shutters to control the building’s climate

Dutch architecture firm OMA have recently released their concepts for the now cancelled Ministry of Sound refurbishment in South London and whats really interesting about the design is how it transitions from day to night. When the club is open the entire left side of the building’s metal shell would be mechanically lifted up. This not only reveals the street level entrance that patrons would use to enter the premises, but also open up a VIP terrace section on the building’s rooftop.

Information is limited on how it would actually achieve this and any follow-on structural concerns from repeated motion in this manner, after all the project was cancelled before it was fully developed. Its a clever concept that gives the building a double identity, the regular offices of Ministry of Sound during the day and the night club that comes alive after dark, whilst opening up other areas of access.

Building use in both day and night modes

Inside, the concept was for a variety of different spaces that would provide different immersive experiences and several areas of VIP space. Whilst its unlikely that this project will be resurrected, the concept and use of dynamic buildings that go beyond the facade seems likely to grow.

Exterior at night
Interior example of one of the rooms

For more detail on the project, check out OMA’s write up of their concept below.

OMA: Ministry of Sound II

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