So, what are the best bikes of 2016?

Photo Credit: Lotus

Its that time of the year again when everyone is compiling their Top 10 things of 2016 again and the design world is no different. One that just caught my eye however is Designboom’s TOP 10 bikes and motorbikes of 2016.

Lotus C-01 designed by Daniel Simon — Photo Credit: Lotus

In my opinion, there’s a few misses on the list but they are more than made up for by some of the stunning work in custom motorcycle design done this year. Top of the pile has to be the Lotus C-01 bike designed by Daniel Simon, who was also responsible for the “Tron: Legacy” Lightcycles. Drawing on the rich history of Lotus racing cars, Simon is able to bring many of their design cues into the C-01, even squeezing in the famed front grille of the Lotus/Caterham 7.

BMW R3 by Sinroja Motorcycles — Photo Credit © ivo ivanov assisted by evgeni chipev

Not to be outdone is the BMW R3 by Sinroja Motorcycles. The cafe-racer has a gorgeous finish with vintage BMW fuel tank decked out in matte baby blue and metallic black stripes framing the logo. The details throughout, but particularly in the gun-metal fuel cap and the snaking chrome exhaust system, give the bike its classic-modern styling.

Roadster by Vanguard — Photo Credit: Vanguard

Check out the full list at the link below, and let me know which are your favourite, or others that should have been included in the comments section.

Juliana Neira, Designboom: TOP 10 bikes and motorbikes of 2016

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