Apple’s announcement of “Apple Silicon” is important for many reasons. Delivering on such an undertaking is the result of remarkable product engineering. An annotated thread…

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Macs with Apple Silicon (from WWDC 2020 keynote)

Amidst all the details, installing pre-release, and commentary (including my own) I want to take a moment to reflect on #WWDC putting it in context of the past two decades. Quite simply, what we’re seeing is some of the most remarkable product engineering over time in history. 1/

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2/ It is easy to get wrapped up in debates about specifics, excited by tweaks or surprises, even an occasional scandal, or to wonder about the quality (is this is a good beta?). …

This is an annotated twitter thread. Throughout I have added some additional context based on the discussion including: the rationality of ecosystem actors, ecosystem optimization, most favored nation status, and what’s a fair “take.”

Debate/discussion/rants about app stores (or perhaps The App Store) have rapidly polarized to the point where it seems difficult to have a rational discussion. Even trying to discuss is viewed as a defense. A discussion without defending. The situations are similar, really. 1/

I would defend the value app stores brings, especially based on my experience detailed here. …

This is an annotated twitter thread.

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Trade Adviser Warned White House in January of Risks of a Pandemic // This is all crazy craze stuff. BUT there is a valuable BigCo lesson. Leaders in any org are viewed through their “high order bits” no matter the issue. 1/9

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Excerpt from NY Times story.

2/ Over time everyone develops a “high order bit” for how they view any new development. In software/biz it might be specific tech principles, org philosophies, pricing, positioning, competitors, etc..

People react to new inputs calling on or context of high order bits.

3/ Challenges arise when trying to drive action in crisis (versus just new data). In crisis, an org’s immediate reaction is almost always “what crisis?” …


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