Three car maintenance service myths debunked

Most of us want to save as much money as possible on vehicle maintenance and repairs, the problem is that there are a number of car maintenance service myths around, which can actually cause your car more harm than good. So here are three of these problematical myths and why they just don’t fly anymore.

Vehicle maintenance myth #1 — warm up your engine to its normal driving temperature, before you drive away

Thirty years ago, this was sound advice, but with our technological advances it is now recommended that you don’t keep your car idling in your driveway waiting for the engine to warm up. This is because many parts of your vehicle only warm up when they are actually being used, so idling isn’t going to help at all. Your transmission, wheel bearings and catalytic converter all need you to be moving for them to reach their optimum operating temperature — they won’t do it sitting in the driveway.

Vehicle maintenance myth #2 — You need to change your oil every 3000 miles (4828 km)

Again, back in the 70’s this was sound advice, but oil technology has changed dramatically over the past thirty years and this advice is now no longer supported by the industry. After all, many synthetic oils can last up to 24,000 km before they need to be changed. You won’t do any harm by replacing your oil more frequently, so the best standard is to change your oil as often as recommended by the engine’s manufacturer, because they know their engines!

Vehicle maintenance myth #3 — Your vehicle drives better with fuel additives

If you still believe that fuel additives are necessary to keep your fuel lines clear and your engine running smoothly, then you are out of luck. You are right however, in that fuel can clog your lines and give you problems with your engine, but all fuel companies are required by law to add the required additives to the fuel during the refinement process and before it hits your car. So there is no point in adding anymore and you are just wasting your money.

So now we have busted these three car maintenance service myths, you can save a lot more money on keeping your vehicle in good shape.