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Welcome to this, the second edition in our Pharma Social Media Series, the UK Twitter Ranking. This ranking has been developed in partnership between Owen Health and firstlight PR.

The ranking aims to take a snapshot of the performance of these pharma companies on Twitter in the UK and provide some commentary on our findings.

Shining a light at the country level really starts to identify the challenges these pharma companies are facing with social media, namely commitment. The danger of zombie communities, as seen in our Global Twitter Ranking, is even more pronounced here.

Pharma companies need to define a clear purpose for their UK Twitter presence and how it fits within their wider global Twitter strategy. Too many seem to struggle with their identify and purpose. Committing to a robust content marketing plan, which delivers relevant and distinctive content for their UK Twitter account is vital and can be done at scale and in a cost effective manner. Working smarter not harder is true when it comes to Twitter content. …

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We see plenty of challenges faced by clients within the Pharma sector when it comes to managing content across multiple websites, various additional channels and across territories where each has their own desire to localise communications… What a nightmare! As if the job of the marketers isn’t hard enough anyway with all this siloed content.

It’s enough to make you lose your head… Well actually in a manner of speaking that isn’t such a bad thing. Enter stage left, the headless CMS.

We are all used to our various Content Management Systems designed to manage the content on our websites and via responsive templates, content delivered to mobile devices via the web. Some of the solutions are pretty sophisticated and offer additional functionality via plugins and API’s to offer personalisation and automation. …

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We were blown away last year when our Periodic Table of Pharma Multi-channel Marketing turned into a runaway success with around 15,000 views across Medium, LinkedIn and Slideshare.

So, new for 2018 we’ve created The Periodic Table of Healthcare Communications which builds on our previous table with over 30% more elements.

Feel free to download a high-quality version from Slideshare here.

Brand planning and multi-channel marketing

We had lots of feedback from pharma marketing folk who wanted to know how pharma brand planning integrated with multi-channel marketing activities. …


Steve Sponder

Partner at Owen Group. Helping companies create profitable customer experiences.

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