UXDI Project #4 Retrospective: New York Cares Mobile App
Eric Osborn

Hi! I’m Steve, the Director of Marketing and Communications at New York Cares. I’m the creative lead for our web app and all external-facing digital. I just wanted to say thanks for this incredibly thoughtful analysis of our app. We are actually in the process of planning an extensive update to provide all of our users (volunteers, donors, partner agency contacts, corporations) with a better tool to participate in, support, and build community around our programs and the issues they seek to address. We aren’t sure whether this next iteration of our digital product will include a native mobile app, a revamped web app, or a hybrid, but we, as a nonprofit, always have to take a close look at tech investment since the resources required for both an initial build and ongoing maintenance of such solutions are not insignificant for us.

Anyway, thanks again for the detailed approach and for choosing New York Cares. Also, if you have any questions or need more accurate information about the make up or engagement level of our volunteer base or anything else about the current app, I’d be happy to help as much as I can.



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