Freelancing Can Be Lonely

As a freelance web developer I’m terrified that publicly sharing details about my business will bite me in the ass.

And I am becoming more and more of an introvert.

Sometimes I share some vague details here-and-there. In person I will talk in length if I think I have someone’s ear. Online I might VagueBook to my friends list on Facebook.

Recently I have been really happy to connect online with some awesome freelancers that I can vent with when I need to. And run things by them when I am freaking out. I have found some great groups on Facebook that are supportive. It’s really good to have some folks to talk to about business.

But I see others sharing everything in almost uncomfortable detail in their blogs. TMI? In those cases, I’m not even talking about naming client names or sharing confidential information about projects, that would be unprofessional, but they go into detail about the ups and downs of their freelance business life. As the reader I am inspired and can relate so I really enjoy reading it. I wonder if their clients ever read that stuff and be-like oh, they are talking about me (even if not naming names). That would be awkward, would it not?

I guess my point is that I want to write about work to share my experiences publicly. I can keep some of the juiciest bits for private discussions with people I can trust to confide in.

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