Personal Time Tracking — Headphone On Time

I am a software engineer work at a startup. My personal time management KPI is called HOT (Headphone On Time), if you are software engineer, you will smile knowingly. I still wanna fill you in with a little background of the headphone thing.

Nowadays, IT companies, either startup and corporation adopted open office concept, which means, every one sit side by side or face to face in a open area. This way, people can talk each other more easier, however, everything has two sides, the other side of this cool idea is that, your concentration can be easily interrupt by anything . That’s why almost every software engineer put a headphone on, either earpods kind or beats kind during coding or reading, even take napping (i am joking :-D )

I am tracking my HOT (Headphone On Time) by simply write down time I put on and time I take off in Notes (the app in Mac). If the time I take off because some meetings or events, then, I copy the title from email or calendar and paste beside the time I take off as well.

I will review my HOT at the end of each sprint (agile development), either too bad (too much interruption or too less HOT) or too good, I will mention it in the retrospective meeting as a bad thing need to improve or good thing need to keep up. I like my HOT idea, it makes me like a cool kid in the team :-D