Introducing colleague.readme

Colleague.readme is an evolution of manager.readme. It’s a way for the team to share details about themselves and improve communication and psychological safety.

Working with people is hard. A colleague.readme document is a way to help others on the team get to know you. It’s an extension of manager.readme which helps leaders clarify expectations and build stronger relationships with their team.

So what is it?

Colleague.readme is a document which is shared with the team and preferably made public. It contains some mandatory and some optional sections. Feel free to remix the order or titles.

And here is a full example of it properly formatted [copied from my github]:

Steve Tauber

November 2018


Hi, I’m an American that lives in Croatia with my wife, Maggie. I’ve had a huge variety of jobs and lived in a ton of places. I like the Seattle Sounders, dogs (currently owning a Golden named Dina), playing and designing board games, and reading sci-fi. Ask me about US politics :D

I’m a reformed developer and I want to develop skills to move towards a COO position. I’ve also worked in telecom, call centers, and a bodega. I like double-diamond design. I prefer removable code over expandable code.

I’m an extrovert and a high D (disc).


I’m a Technical Product Manager. My role is to make sure developers know what to focus on and to help answer technical questions about the product’s roadmap.


  • Speak the truth even if it’s painful.
  • Pay debts owed, technical and social.
  • Maintain balance: life and work; wants and needs.
  • Consider your impact, since everything is connected.
  • Relax and breathe.


  • Improving processes — I hate bureaucracy and will do my best to eliminate pointless tasks.
  • Asking questions — I try to ask questions that make you think. Sometimes I ask questions so that I can learn. It’s okay to take time to answer.


  • Abandoning “the plan” — I like to have a plan. I like the plan. Sometimes it’s hard for me to abandon the plan for a new plan.
  • Lack of recognition — When someone isn’t getting the recognition they deserve, I get upset. I can and should handle this in a less emotional way.
  • Talking too much — I’m very passionate about some topics and have a tendency to dominate conversation on certain topics.

Receiving communication

  • Positive — About right
  • Negative — I’m sensitive here so please consider understating negative feedback

Favorite treat


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