What A Piece Of Jank!!!

Why A ‘Bawwowoll’ Is So Important…

Hello everyone, and thanks for joining me for my newest blog.

Firstly, I would like to say a huge ‘THANK YOU’ to every single one of that read my last entry. I have received an incredible amount of positive feedback from people all over the world; some that I know, some that I don’t. I am also totally aware that the last blog was very serious in message.

Don’t get me wrong, my journey to be the best version of myself is a daily, sometimes hourly battle, that I regularly fail, and highlighting that nobody is perfect (not even me!! Go figure!?!) means that we can talk more openly about the darker things.

And what better way to do that, than over a game of X-Wing or two!

It’s spelt ‘Wookiee’

So in this one, I intend to be a little more lighthearted. I always wanted this blog to be just my ramblings and my opinions, taking great care around not making it about Weekend Warlords.
Sure, it’s my ‘home’ store, and I am proud to be on the team, but I think that after what I have experienced in the hallowed halls of the Warlords in Loughborough this weekend has been nothing short of an inspiring couple of days, with some truly incredible people. So I have to talk about it.

So lets talk about the title. What in the blue hell is ‘Bowwewoll’ and why is it important? Let us begin.

Regen Nora with Saw Gerrera performing a bawwewoll? Don’t mind if I do

The Power of the Bawwewoll

A bawwewoll is the thing you say when you are performing a barrel roll in the game. In the latest episode of Rasta Ash, you can hear them saying it. And this weekend at the final Warlords 1.0 monthly tournament, the echoes of the word are still being heard.

Saturday saw 26 players duke it out for the top spot (Won by Kevin Bellamy) and Sunday was a solid 32 players (Won by Ben Cox), and each day was dominated by that one word, which then turned into a game that I encourage you all to play at Nationals.
It goes like this, in the style of the text that we may see if it ever made it into an FAQ:

“Just before you perform a barrel roll action, announce in a loud voice the word ‘Bowwewoll’. If you hear another friendly player announce this, you return the compliment by replying loudly with the word ‘Bowwewoll’. Then relieve a stress.”

Some of you reading this may think that it is a stupid game. And that’s the point. It is stupid. But it’s also stupidly fun! 58 people over 2 days experienced it. And it was fun. And by the end of it, no one really gave a shit whether they won or lost. They were in a room with people of a similar mindset, a similar attitude, all having a similar experience. But the key thing is, we were doing it together. And it is moments like this that are so ridiculously memorable that galvanizes groups of people.

Being stupid sometimes isn’t a bad thing. Unless you’re actually stupid.

So I lied, a bawwowoll isn’t actually a barrel roll. It’s a made up word, that helped 58 players, over 2 days, have the time of their lives. The atmosphere was electric all weekend. I’ve never known a tournament like it. It was more like a party.
John (the Store Owner) and Ash (Store Manager) had billed it as the final 1.0 tournament at Warlords. They wanted it to go out with a bang. And because of the people that attended, it most certainly did, and I am proud to have been a part of it.

Heyyyyy Yooouuuu Guuuyyysss!! Sloth wasn’t at Warlords.

Give Good Game, Get Good Game.

The reason I’m writing this blog is so you can understand that there is a lot more to this game than just pew-pew and plastic spaceships. As I have mentioned before, the person sat opposite you is directly affected by you.

Not your ships.
Not your 3,000 regional sparkly overpriced ebay dice
Not your fancy templates, alt-arts, or acrylics
Not your stories of shit dice or what-ifs
It doesn’t make you more interesting.
It doesn’t add another couple of inches to your proverbial dick
And it certainly doesn’t make you more attractive to the opposite sex

That stuff only matters to you.

Here’s what actually matters:
Playing out rounds instead of conceding (the other player paid to play too. You just took that away from them)
Smiling (No-one likes a sour puss. Not a euphemism)
Having good personal hygiene (stale alcohol smells are permitted!)
Shaking Hands/Fist Bumps (Basic Etiquette)
Apologising for hot dice (even if you don’t mean it… )
Not over-celebrating someone else’s misfortune (that’s just a dick move)
Tell newer players if they miss triggers (that’s a nice thing to do)
Feel the atmosphere (You might just enjoy yourself)
Make an effort to be a part of it

We pride ourselves for having the best community in tabletop gaming. We need to keep it that way.

It’s nothing to do with anything, but everything to do with something

Some Bad Language below

You know what? Two Point Oh (Henceforth known as 2.0), is just around the corner. And lets be honest, One Point Oh (1.0) is fucked. It’s broken from turrets, bombs, tragedy stimulators and Miranda. And possibly Ghost Fenn. And maybe Veteran Instincts too.

2.0 is a total and much needed game reset and re-balance. So here’s what I propose….

With all the pressures of life, money, kids, health, mental health, jobs, blah blah blah, we all need a little escapism from time to time. So maybe we take this chance to reset and re-balance ourselves for when 2.0 comes out?

Look at what you would like to change about how you play the game to make your opponents experience better. Commit to one thing that would be a small change to make yourself a more positive gaming experience for your opponent. How can you positively influence your opposite players journey? How can you make their escapism less about escaping, and more about integrating?

One small change is all it takes, and it has to come from you. So with FFG deciding that 1.0 has shitty parts and an overhaul is needed, maybe we need to look at the shitty parts of ourselves (we all know our own shit-triggers) and try and make a conscious effort to become better opponents and even more-so, awesome people? Whaddya say? I’m in!

“You make the world a better place by making yourself a better person” — Anon

Make the change.

The Backstreet Boys have let themselves go a little

Captain Rex

Not just a Clone Wars Bad-Ass.

The final part of this blog is to say a special mention to ‘Gramps’ and his family. Gramps (Marty Vicary) is X-Wing famous. He is Captain Rex.
Marty and his 2 sons came to visit us in their tractor, from Kirton, down in the West country at Warlords this weekend. Marty said some really wonderful things to me about my last blog, and this was a time where I could get to know him a little better. He flies Nym and Sol as I do. We have that in common. Along with the fact that we are both old too.

Actual Picture of Marty Vicary. No Shit.

However, If I may, I would just like to say a direct message to Marty.

“You sir, are a credit to the X-Wing Community. The game has given you a lot and brought you closer together with your family. Your sons are as genuine and as heartwarming as you are, and you should be proud of them (I know you are). So thank you sir, for affording me some time to get to know you a little better. You have enhanced my life from allowing me to share a few moments with you and your amazing family.

Thank you for making the journey up in your tractor (oo-arrrr) and I look forward to the next time our paths cross. I hope you all had a blast this weekend. It was an absolute honour to be in your company.”

Next time

Thanks for reading everyone. Next time, The JustPlay boys (Not just playboys) gatecrash, and I talk to X-Wing Dad Phill Blackmore, and make up some shit about Twiggy.

And with that….. I’m gone.