Gravity Rush: Gem Collection and Mechanic Reinforcement

Gravity Rush has only one resource to collect: precious gems. These gems are used to upgrade Kat’s powers and movement speed. There are many gems you collect by playing through the main story missions, but there are also many gems that you can collect via other methods. Gravity Rush uses these gems as way to help the player to practice their skills with the gravity powers in the game. The game offers you a wide variety of challenges ranging from combat, to gravity races.

These challenges reward you with gems for beating the bronze, silver, and gold medals. The different types of challenges test your understanding and execution of different gravity powers that Kat has. There are races where all you can do is gravity slide, there are challenges where you can only attack with stasis objects, there are challenges where you have unlimited special meter, and there are challenges that test all your skills by allowing you to use whatever you have available to you. The interesting part of these challenges is that they reward you with gems to further upgrade your powers, yet the challenges are easier to complete when you have all of your powers maxed out. That aside, these challenges are a great way for the player to practice gravity powers and level up Kat’s skills if they are having trouble in the main missions that the game.

Another great and unique way that the game rewards the player for understanding the mechanics are the precious gems that are laid out around each city. They can be above, on the side, or even underneath the city and the player needs to explore everywhere to find them. The player is encouraged to use the gravity powers to try to find all the secrets the game has to offer. Not to mention there are special enemies that can be found by doing some exploring in the rifts.

Gravity Rush is a well-designed game that encourages the player to understand and practice its unique mechanics in different situations. It does that in different ways such as challenges and exploration of the world. This game shows how you can use resources to reward players for practicing and understanding the mechanics of the game.