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Sorry, Think Progress.

You are wrong as usual in your left wing, biased reporting. The Trump victory was not a middle finger at democracy. Democracy won on Nov. 08. Donald J. Trump won the Presidential election fair and square. He won not only the electoral college, he won the popular vote as well.

The PEOPLE of America spoke that night. Not the liberal elites, the establishment or big government.

Actually, you are right, Think Progress. Trumps win was a middle finger, but not to those whom you might expect. It was a middle finger to the left wing biased media, to liberal Hollywood, the George Soros’s and the super pac’s and special interests of the world that wanted me to believe a Hillary win was all but certain. It was a middle finger to socialism, open borders and shipping our jobs offshore. It was a middle finger to the corrupt practices of the Washington establishment. It was a middle finger to the politicians that would infringe and deprive me of my 2nd amendment rights. It was a middle finger to political correctness.

So, you are actually right, Think Progress! The Trump win was a middle finger. Aimed directly at you and the rest of you on the left and I could not be happier for it!!

Good day!