Nixon to Trump: American Trust and Betrayal Goes Full Circle

One of my earliest memories was when my father, then an Army officer, lifted my brother and me on his shoulders when we lived in DC to watch the inauguration in 1969. Dad was confident that the country would get better under his leaderahip. It did not.

Later as an 8-9 year old I watched and listened to a story that I did not understand. I knew it was bad and I knew my dad, a genuinely good man, was at first angry at others and supportive of his favorite character. Some "hippies" blew up a science building at the University of WI where Dad worked and his guy was for law and order. Surely he was a good guy?

The story unfolded with more news and Dad was first in denial and ultimately hugely disappointed in the guy he trusted to change the direction of our country.

As we watch today's reality show unfold we should ALL remember that:

1. Transparency is good(it helped Reagan during Iran Contra)
2.The longer the story lasts, the worse it is for our country
3. Our national security, the first priority of the President and our government, should never be subjected to unchecked risk
4. It's natural to want to blame others...
5. At some point the facts will all come out and we must accept them.
6. Our system of government will endure the misdeeds of individuals and "sinister forces"