“The last career guide you’ll ever need: Johny Bunko”, book review.

I’ve been trying to get around this book for sometime now and finally it got into my hands. I was a bit dissapointed to be honest cause i was expecting more content. Turns out to be a comic book with this plot:

A young man works at a dead end office job and magically an “office fairy” appears to help him get out of the rat race by giving him 6 piece of advice when they are needed. Blah blah blah, through a small story the whole book boils down to those 6 rules.

1. There is no plan.

Seriously. Everybody thinks they have a plan to get out of this kind of life. I’ll work here X years which will take me to Y and then to Z etc etc. Long story short, it never works. You need to do something different.

2. Think strengths, not weaknesses.

Trying to improve what you already suck isn’t going to change anything either. What you can instead do is hone your already great talents which are left unused. Look for oportunities within your job to do so. Personally I prefer Tom Rath’s approach on StrengthsFinder 2.0. “We cannot be everything we want but we can be a lot more of what we already are”.

3. It’s not about you, it’s about the customer.

This one is clear enough. If you want to make it in any kind of business don’t think how YOU can make money out of it. Think of what you offer, do it without expeting a reward and the rest will follow. Be of value. Always liked the phrase -named to be the golden rule of relationships -“Give, but do not take.”

4. Persistent trumps talent.

We’ve heard this one before and we have seen it in action. Do not be fooled thinking that tallent is enough. It needs to be followed by massive action and hard work even when the odds seem to be against you. There’s a million quotes on persistance, I think the most simple is “Persist, persist, persist, win”.

5. Make excellent mistakes.

Mistakes will give you the opportunity to reallize that you are doing something wrong. And great mistakes will allow you to radically change the way you think and act, with massive rewards afterwards. So do great mistakes, not just minor ones.

6. Leave an imprint.

This one was nicely played in the book. It’s not what you say to someone that count’s, it’s how you made them feel they are going to remember. Feeling is a “strong sense”. Leave your distinct mark wherever you go. Be something and someone they have never seen, felt or experienced and you are on your way to success.

With a couple(yeah, exactly two) more quotes that’s the whole book. It’s not bad, it’s enjoyable - typical as a comic- but you won’t find anything more that those 6 lines above. For an hour read you can get it here.

I’ll do more reviews of great books from now on. Follow me on twitter for updates.

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