Act 1: 6 Months in 60 Seconds

Seth Godin shares with the world through his blog — I admire his work and commit to writing more.

Since starting Just, I have done a poor job of chronicling the process, most importantly for myself. I am beginning to understand that reflection is a critical part of the learning process. So here we go, the last 6 months in bullet form.

  • Our aspiration — Grameen 3.0
  • Our vision — help people to save and earn more money to live less stressed and more joyful lives

Realization: More debt doesn’t mean less stress

  • A Teacher and his student — the past and future of an entire industry in one week, both in Austin
  • The past — Professor Ashe loves savings and believes in the power of the people
  • The future — Alexandra Fiorill0 loves design and using research to understand behavior

Clarity emerges — we must be with the people BUT… How?

  • A return to the concept of credit… bienvenida a Ivonne
  • Ivonne… a woman of many things, some being: a new resident to the U.S. from Mexico, an entrepreneur, a former borrower of Compartamos, college educated and a single mother of two successful young adults
  • Let’s start flying and worry about building the plane later
Hypothesis: Credit + a “meaningful” program = goodness

What’s a “meaningful” program?

Challenge: Build for flexibility and discipline
Answer: It sort of doesn’t work, at least not at first
  • Rules need to be established to see if they need to be broken
  • Program takes shape
  • Goal is clear — 100 clients by August

Real Goal — build trust to learn from the inside out

  • So far so good — first clients are showing up and repaying their loans
  • Still trying to figure out how to fly the plane

What do clients really need?

  • Creative absence occurs
  • Ivonne creates a key breakthrough with the 4-Week Goal approach

New clarity emerges — Our program is built on three pillars:

1. Creating new mental models
2. Flexing the decision-making muscle
3. Forming new habits to make better decisions
  • Creating can be isolating — a little help from our friends
  • Trevor and Assemble are just right
  • Ready, aim, test…
  • Structure begins to emerge — Friday meetings, yes please!
  • The house is literally and figuratively cleaned — Thanks Interns!
  • Continue to refine 5 Frameworks for our friends
4 Reglas

Now… (August 1st, 2016)

  • 81 clients
  • $91,000 lent
  • 94.5% attendance
  • 100% Repayment
  • 1 List of Socias en Peligro
  • And a ton more to learn
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