Act 3: 6 More Months in 60 Seconds

This dumb look on my face sums it all up! We are having fun with a lot more work ahead.

Once again, I have proven incapable of creating a discipline to write reflections of our work. In a small way, this is a similar problem that faces our clients — so much to do, little time, with priorities constantly shifting. As we say with our entrepreneurs, this isn’t a failure; it is an opportunity to learn.

The lesson for me is two-fold. First, reflecting continues to be important. Second, it requires me to develop a practice for it to become habit. To develop a practice, I need to create accountability. That is where YOU come in. I am committing to writing 7 stories over the next 90 days. Can you comment, message, text, troll, etc. if I do not post a new story every other week?

For a refresher — Act 1 and Act 2 of the 6 Months in 60 Seconds here:

  • Prior to launching our new JETA (JUST Entrepreneur Trust Agent) leadership program, we spent 2 months developing and testing the program internally
  • We developed 8-weeks of games that offered a lesson wrapped in an experience
  • January 10–the leadership development program begins —72 entrepreneurs sign-up to become JETAs
  • First of four weekly sessions: 6 attendees enrolled, 1 showed up late, and 2 had to leave early… rough first session
  • The next three sessions get progressively better, a routine emerged
  • 8 weeks with 4 classes per week — each session has the same structure
Did you ever imagine learning could be so fun?
  • There are two primary goals of the leadership program: 1) develop a learners mentality and 2) instill a sense of confidence to facilitate group conversations
  • Lessons, lessons, some more lessons, and even more lessons learned along the way
35 Graduates of the first-ever JETA Leadership Program
  • Here we go! The next test is to see if JETAs will actually invite entrepreneurs they trust.
  • And so it begins… We add 80 new clients in 1 month
“Wait, this actually might work.” said by Steve, Ivonne, and Erika on a near daily basis.
  • WAIT — we have a problem. It works.
  • A classic “good problem to have”, since our new, more efficient model works, we need a lot more money to be able to lend to more entrepreneurs
  • The good news, there is a clear path to sustainability. Now it is a matter of raising the capital to get us there
  • We launched The Great Fundraising Experiment — we asked the question to 11 friends of JUST
How do you build trust with someone you don’t know?

The answers continue to roll in.
  • The JUST train rolls down the tracks
  • We need money.
  • No seriously, we should probably have more money.
  • Seriously, I wasn’t kidding. We need more money.
  • Cool.
  • While we are worrying about money behind the scenes, let’s not forget to have fun and connect our clients.
  • 85 clients show up for a morning of coffee and camaraderie, thanks Whole Foods Market
Community-wide event designed to inspire and connect our entrepreneurs with one another
  • BINGO! Salt Lake City friends come through to finance our growth!


  • Let’s do this! The team starts to prepare to add new JETAs
  • New capital allows us to think big while continuing to act small
  • We begin to build the infrastructure for efficient and effective growth — technology, capital, and process
  • September 6th, cohort 2 of JETA leaders begins
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