High Impact Partnerships

JUST and YouEarnedIt.com play to their strengths

Steve Wanta

Today we live in the era of the purpose economy. Customers demand companies give back. Employees seek meaning in their work. Even investors are saying the future of business is with a soul.

This creates new challenges for companies to act amidst this nebulous demand to “do good.” What does doing good even mean? How do you measure your employees’ happiness or the return on investment of making the world a better place?

These questions make me ponder two of Peter Drucker’s most famous quotes.

“Culture eats strategy for lunch.” And “What gets measured gets managed?”

But how do you measure culture?

Enter YouEarnedIt.com.

An Austin tech company, YouEarnedIt.com inspires a culture of appreciation for companies through a digital incentives platform. It is a visual representation of employee engagement while delightfully managing the complexities of an employee rewards program that goes beyond the typical reward and challenges companies to give rewards with meaning, purpose, and impact. After all, this is what employees today want out of their work.

This is a great example of technology bringing us closer together. The story of JUST and YouEarnedIt.com began with another platform, Twitter.

Autumn Manning, co-founder and CEO of YouEarnedIt.com was kind enough to respond to my tweet. I was inspired by her personal journey as a female entrepreneur, mother of two, and daughter to a single-mom. For JUST, we love sharing success stories like Autumn’s with our community of female entrepreneurs, 34% of whom are single-mothers. Role models are important aides in helping people believe their dreams are possible.

Autumn, CEO of YouEarnedIt.com with her two children

We launched JUST with a bold mission to create a more just world where people can live with less stress and more joy. We knew trust and community were two assets we could leverage to unlock opportunity for our low-income, female entrepreneurs. We started with access to microcredit with a plan for new and more incentives for our entrepreneurs in an effort to transcend a credit-only program.

As I shared our vision with Autumn for a JUST benefit network that could shift behaviors, she quickly saw the intersection of our vision with YouEarnedIt.com.

Overnight, JUST was able to move from dreaming about a solution to designing a digital experience for our clients on the YouEarnedIt platform. Our goal was to track the behaviors that lead to better client outcomes within a supportive culture. Today, JUST entrepreneurs earn points for attending group meetings, setting goals, reaching an emergency savings milestone, and simple things like taking three deep breaths.

The YouEarnedIt.com JUST partnership is a new approach to collaborating between for-profits and social impact organizations. Through a shared appreciation for the unique value each organization offers, we were able to develop a partnership that has brought significantly greater value than a one-time donation.

Steve Wanta

Written by

Working to create new opportunities for people to live with less stress and more joy

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