by steve wardrip

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Reminiscing on a misty day. I get to tell some of these old stories now without feeling like I’m hurting my mama’s feelings too awfully much. She knows I’m a senior now and am releasing some of that old information. Truth is that she knew all that stuff all along. You can’t hide much from mamas who love their kids and she is definitely one that does. Hope I don’t embarass you mama.

Anyway, this story goes like this. In the middle 1980’s I was a travelling telephone installer and the job happened to be in Columbus, Ohio, a large city of over 1 million people. I lived in an apartment with several guys on the crew. We had about 30 employees and took up several apartments. Directly behind the apartment was where I ate my supper almost every night. An Oriental mom and pop place and it’s name was non else than “Dung Ho!” (Dung, as in feces is not very appealing for my appetite, but the “War-Su-Gai” was to die for) It soon became my favorite and here’s a little tip just in case you didn’t know, You can take those little carry-out paper boxes at Chinese restaurants and keep unfolding them until you have a round bowl instead of just a box… just in case you didn’t know. That’s where I discovered that.
We worked installing a new state-of-the-art communications telephony and computer system at BMI (a quasi government/commercial private industry think tank that did many inventions, like, lasers, copy machines, space shuttle tiles, Artificial Intelligence, postage stamp glue and a lot of other cool topics. A lot of scientists and engineers. Google them; Battelle Memorial Institute ).where I was working. It took us about 9 months to complete the job and then we went to Chicago next for the next job at Argonne National Laboratory another government base. …


steve wardrip

Writer of Rumors, Gossip, Lies and Dreams — Poet, Scallywag, Whippersnapper and Galactic Co-Pilot

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