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As the new Filipino President Duterte points fingers like six guns, indiscriminately, at his perceived enemies and condemns them to death, I wonder who he sees in his own mirror? Would he want to be shot dead for his transgressions? Is this really justice? I think it’s human rights violations. Being a tough guy, tough on crime, drugs, corruption is one thing, but becoming the head murderous thug, encouraging others to be just as ruthless will backfire in his face. Humans don’t operate that way. An old military tactic is what he is using and it goes like this… 1. Identify the problem 2. Eliminate the problem. 3. Problem solved… Consequently, the problem goes away, right? Wrong! The problems worsen when the underworld fights back and he will see snipers picking off policemen, officials, good innocent people, children, elderly… and the likely possibility of his assassination. Watch and see this despicable government behavior cause a civil war to erupt. You can’t win the war on drugs. You must take the crime element out of the drugs and treat drug addiction as an illness. Expensive healthcare is the only way to combat the problem. People do drugs because they want to hurt themselves. Find out the reason people want to hurt themselves and help them overcome it. That’s the logical solution, not killing everyone you suspect of dealing drugs. To me, it’s a step backwards toward barbarianism. Not only that, it is unfair, cruel and inhumane. We don’t kill people because they are sick. We try to help them to get well because we are all humans and we all have the right to good health. We all have the right for a second chance. That goes for President Duterte too.

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