Disabling Regulations

by m.s.wardrip

Wake up and you are told to go to sleep,

Sleep and it’s time to wake up.

Contradictions in time and space,

I didn’t have time or space for that.

I needed a way to do honest business,

If there is such a thing!

Our Government makes us lie to do anything.

You must fudge the truth on every form you fill out,

Or else the system will not work out.

How much you made, how much you spent,

How much you kept, how much you lent,

No one red cent belongs to the government,

We must tell them what, when and where it is to be spent.

I must tell you now, how unnerving it is, this predicament,

The damn bastards we put in office have screwdrivers,

We are the screws who get turned, holding it all together,

We get screwed no matter the weather,

Try to do right, get a charge in the night,

FBI kicking down doors, dragging you out,

You owe a student loan, you criminal pawn,

You must pay and again you delay your execution.

Pay all you make in taxes, got you against the wall,

Cough it up and pay your tax, it’s your act, be a star!

You work in hope of a dime, sure nickles are better over time.

Sure, nickles will do, they’ll feed you, see you through,

Or you can keep writing checks until you are black and blue.

Let the government decide for you in the zoo,

Be a fierce tiger with sharp teeth and a second ammendment piece of paper,

Roar like a lion to the lower courts who have no time for you,

Who do you think you are? Crocodile man? No way, not you!

Take a seat and number and go to the back of the line again, friend,

Help is on the way, the economy is on the mend, again, sign here,

You are entitled to the responsibilities that are impossible to do,

With a little help from you, we can put the screws to you, yes, you too,

With a little help from the government you too, will be black and blue.

Phillips or flathead, you choose, either way, you lose. Boo hoo for you!

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