by m.s.wardrip


by m.s.wardrip

Boldly declaring to the world…

Facebook is a catalog of intentional posts.

We did it, each for their own reason, each in a season…

Each post is an intention which is designed to press someone’s button.

Is your button pushed?

Is you horizon expanded?

Did you get caught up in trivial situations?

Did you know you were at a dinner party and…

The conversational style should be that of dinner party talk,

Banter, not praise or all praise and no dialogue?

It seems every scenario from finding love, losing love, looking for love,

To making love and cursing love…

To loving new people because they are there, for real, on facebook.

For real on facebook?

Is there such a thing?

The experience is real, but the posts?

The posts are real posts, but do they tell the truth?

The pictures are real pictures, but do they tell the truth?

The facebook people are real people, but do they tell the truth?

Does the truth matter?

Or is it like TV?

TV truth is not the truth.

The old news anchor delares, “And that’s the rest of the story.”

And it’s not! No, that’s not the rest of the story.

The story.

That’s all facebook is…. the story.

Many posters stories.

All in a big book of lies, half-truths, deceptions, emotions, ramblings, rants,

I can’s, I can’ts….

I’m a stationary rock to I live to dance,

Hands in pockets in pocketless pants,

Concrete trees, and natural plants.

Hell, just spit it out,

What do you want?

To live in fantasyland,

With sugar-coated goats?

Grass on this grass for a while my friend,

And in the end, you will depend,

On sober sanity to guide you through,

The ivy spreading vines and the relentless zoo, to…

Valhall Heaven, Online Bliss,

Where we turn cool clean water into stagnant repulsive piss.

Friend, I’m not against this!

In fact, I just got dissed,

By a political rant,

You may be one, but I one who can’t,

And shant, bur shall, chase the freedom fighters,

Away from my door,

There’s to many important online whores,

Who will sell every stitch of clothing to any who buys it,

From the loyal wife, to the loyal husband,

To the non-committal lover, to the jealous girlfriend,

To the manly man and his manly pen,

The girlish insults that jab at the heart,

Because someone forgot the Valentine candy,

Facebook exist to scratch the itch,

For poor and for rich,

For the hidden bastards and the relentless bitch,

We’re all sweethearts here with out mold of life set,

With each posts we lie and we never right it, yet,

We go on deceiving ourselves and the rest,

Surely this society is not of our best.

Let me say this, truth is truth,

Anything else a lie.

If we don’t understand, then why?

Why do we try to trick the sky?

I’m a bird and I can fly,

But one thing I gotta have…

And that’s the sky.

Write in the sky and tell the reason why.

Unfriend? Befriend? Bye?