Group Therapy

by m.s.wardrip

Sometimes we need to meet in the middle with a group of people.

Each of these people are leaving the safety of their posts to join others in the middle for interaction, relying only on each other. This is group therapy that strengthens each individual in the group. The group becomes stronger because of the individuals.

Sometimes we need to operate in a smaller group.

A smaller group of three individuals is ideal to get up close and personal with two team members. You realize that you are at least one third of the equation. You realize that it takes every member giving 100% to make it work for the group.

Sometimes we need to stay right where we are, gradually testing the waters.

These people each know to stay where they are but it s human nature to want to explore, discover, reach-out, step-out and question everything. This is a good thing in that it expands with the universe expansion. Curiosity is a good thing.

Sometimes we need to personalize it and make it all about me.

Never underestimate the individual. He is strong. She is strong. They are strong people. Their strength shows in their individuality. They are solo, singular, self-reliant, self-appreciating, self-protecting, self-loving, self-giving and self-free.

Sometimes we need to announce, update, report, release, identify and inform

When people get together in full force, forming opinions, making decisions, agreeing to disagree, agreeing to agree, and interacting in a civil way, it is best, the best it can be, people working together for the good of the group. It’s the best group therapy.

Sometimes we need group therapy to do our best.