I Wish I Were Your Cell Phone

by m.s.wardrip

I wish I were your cell phone,

So you would hold me,

Look at me and push my buttons,

Smile when I light up.

I light up when you smile,

You can even hold me for a while,

You could take me home,

Like you do your phone.

You could take me everywhere,

To the store, bank and park,

You could grab me in the morning,

Charge me up after dark.

I wish I were you cell phone,

I’d never have to be alone,

I could keep you happy all the time,

We could live in your home.

Alas, you could change your plan,

Get another phone commitment,

I suppose I could lower my standards,

With Pay-As-You-Go minutes for my rent.

I wish I were your cell phone, baby,

I love your unique ringtones,

I like the way your fingers swipe me,

Your microchips excite my flesh and bones.

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