King Mark the First

by m.s.wardrip


“… King Mark who conquered for himself the whole of the Western World and Eastern World and made the Christians God Lovers.”

A King of the Earth, not of the heavens, souls or spirits, man nor beast, but of the lofty side of dominion.

A respecter of God, a problem solver, a fearless leader, a mighty mastermind, a thinker, a doer, a puzzle worker, a meager manager, a frugal steward and a good man, is King Wardrippa.

The Kingdom of Wardrippa conquered the world, but not the word.

Wardrippa zealots beware, the King would not be a zealot nor endorse one.

Self-confidence is the quality we are looking for in the Kingdom.

We aspire to assemble the greatest group of intelligent peacemakers on Earth.

As a community, we are leaders in every field and that is because we set the standard for excellence and quality.

As a world, we can be better every day.

We try harder every day and things improve. We sit and they decay.

Keep it moving forward. Make the difference. Be all you are and more.

The Kingdom wishes you should consider the relevant facts.

The youth are our future.

The future is being nurtured now.

All hail peacemaker King Wardrippa, the threatless.

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