When You Feel Helpless
Shirley Jimenez

My experience with Filipinos as a foreigner American has been horrible. They have manipulated money in every imaginable way, from accepting proposals, to begging for medicine, treatments, to asking you to feed, cloth and send them on trips and to school, to college, to buy uniforms, personal items, cell phones, tablets, loans and promises, without hesitation, to then take the money and spend it on having a baby or marriage to another Filipino. I have been played for pennies, my friend was played for $30,000 and after she left he went and married another who scammed him also. Americans cannot own property in the Philippines. Gossip is illegal. They shoot suspected drug dealers dead in the streets without a trial. They eat… you wouldn’t believe. No, not Philippines. The guy who got scammed is now an Uber driver in Nashville, Tennessee. I’m in Florida enjoying my thousands I didn’t spend on a Filipino in a crummy little online medium so-called daily muse books… gadzooks! Salamat! Mahal Kita and ingat.

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