My Little Store

by m.s.wardrip

I spent all my life thinking of it,

I took all last month making the display.

I spent all Summer making the pottery.

I spent all week advertising and getting ready for the craft show.

I spent over $200 running around buying this and that to assemble this show.

I spent $25 on the 10 X 10 craft sale space booth at the show.

I paid the $45 entry fee to the event.

I priced my 10 items at $50 for the 6 large pots and $25 for the 12 small pots.

That grand total expenses everything all came to $300.

The total successful retail sales price stated totals $650 which, when sold…

Equal a total profit of $350.

Problem is, nobody bought anything.

A neighbor vendor offered a hundred dollars for all of it.

Downhearted I accepted the sale.

One hundred for everything.

I not only lost a lot of time and effort, but also $200!

Granny always turned a profit or she didn’t do it.

Lesson learned in My Little Store.

Save for a rainy day. Don’t lose money. Make money. Invest wisely.