Producing A Record

by m.s.wardrip

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There used to be a foundation with ramifications for producing audio records of musical works. That platform is now gone. There are no tiers of function anymore. It’s all digital and online. Records are made by pushing buttons.

Now, what button to push is a whole story in itself. Some buttons will trash your work. Some buttons will hype you up way too much. What you need to do is find the perfect niche for your music. There are ways to accomplish that.

One thing you can do is to record your digital piece with all the different tracks and parts, beats, effects, embellishments and upload it to a catch-all company that will master your soundtracks, equalize and enhance it and with your approval, then produce the digital artwork, the liner notes, posters, flyers, arrange for distribution and pay you when anyone buys your product on or offline. These companies can do 99% of the work for you for a small fee.

Other alternatives are to do the work by the seat of your pants. You don’t even need to be online to do this. You simply record your piece, mix it, master it and digitalize it, reproducing your own CD’s, doing your own graphic art design and printing the CD covers yourself. You can then sell or give away your musical album where and when you like.

Whether you do it yourself or not, there are hundreds of thousands of outlets for distribution and sales of your music. Percentage based outlets are great for getting your music out there. There are hundreds of online radio stations that will play and chart your music. These can be used as good indicators as to who and where will buy your music. Watch the numbers and go with the flow. Digital downloads are the fastest growing segment of the music industry. Pirating is common and there are legal safeguards in place for this.

Once I was walking down Beale Street as a tourist in Memphis, Tennessee, the home of Southern Blues music and a gentleman approached me on the sidewalk. He held a CD out and said “I’m with the Beale Street Blues Band. We play every day in the city park over there, but if you missed us, you can buy the “LIVE” CD right now. They’re ten dollars.”

Being the good tourist with a great affection for the Blues, I kindly took out a ten and bought the musician’s album. It was very good! I got my money’s worth. In fact, I wish more groups would do that. You hear them play a live show, but you never hear them again because they didn’t have an album to sell.

My advice is for you to make a good recording of your good musical works, anyway you can, what your budget will allow and try out many of the various support and music outlets online. I think you will find that if your work is attractive both visually and audibly, you will get sales and airplay. Just putting it online is not enough, you must promote your work through fan club members, mailing lists, direct mail, social media, online advertisements, printed advertisements, radio and TV if possible.

It’s a do-it-yourself world right now. The better you do it, the better the results. Good luck with producing an album.

Seek Feedback From Listeners

Reflecting back on the group of the century, recording artists, The Beatles, in 1960, still unknown in their native Liverpool, went to Hamburg, Germany to play at The Star Club.

They didn’t make much money. The venues were under par. The audience didn’t support them much. Why did the Beatles travel to play in another country, Hamburg, Germany? They did it for the experience in order to improve.

They played everyday as much as they could, taking all their time, money, energy, talent and effort to practice, get experience and to improve. They took constructive criticism, watched the trend evolve and jelled with it.

That’s what ultimately made them their fame and fortune. The world was ripe for something new and the Beatles provided it.

The Beatles didn’t stay in the basement practicing just for the sake of practicing. The greatest group ever got in front of the audience any way they could, just like you should do. Produce that album and get out there and promote it.

As the numbers went up for The Beatles, by 1962 they were playing more than ever, eight hour nights, every day of the week. By 1964, management took them international. In all, The Beatles performed over 1200 concerts and at the time, sold more albums than anyone in history.

How many albums have you produced? How many concerts have you played and promoted your record album? Isn’t it time to get busy?

Best Wishes on producing and promoting your own record.

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