by m.s.wardrip

See this man?

He’s the puss in the boot.

He can twist and skew,

Screw and blow.

See that smile?

He’ll harm you with it.

He is a scumbag douche,

A puss in the boot.

A failure, a buffoon,

With soiled undies,

That he won’t change.

He wears it daily, stinking.

Repulsive loser, shamed reject,

A Tennessee hokum, a Podunk,

A Southern disgusting wretch,

A piss ant, a filthy lucre grubber.

This man has no name, no face and he sucks.

Lowest of the low, ugly, uglyer, ugliest.

To hell with this bastard.

The Lowest Form of Life: A Scumbag Lawyer from Memphis.
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