Sally Boy

Drippy and The Drops

Sally boy,
 Aww, my little sally girl,
 You were almost true to me.

You were my last love
 My very, very, very last love.
 You just made me blue.

I’m blue because of you.
 All around the Earth
 One body, one boy, one girl.

Let me be that one guy,
To run away from you.

As far as I can,

My heart will run so fast.
 I thought I loved you so.
 I’ll keep running away from you.

Take my love off your page,
 Send it to a foreign shore.
 No way! No way! I am so sure,

I’m blue because of you.

Sally boy,
 Oh, my little Sally girl,
 I run so fast from you.

Songwriter: Steve Wardrip(Drippy)

Sally Boy lyrics © Rosine Magazine Publishing LLC

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