Tenerife Sea Trails

by m.s.wardrip


Take my trusty memory, haha! and believe it as a solid block of stone.

Trust no one evermore or I will leave you more than just alone.

A thought so piercing, deep and completely straight through to the bone.

It will pass and so will we. Forever grateful. As lost as a blind ship at sea.

What matters the most is that life goes on as usual, not missing a beat.

Racing to the moon on a board, spinning like a top on a flat earth table.

Don’t wobble, Don’t stop. Keep it going by relying on your own unknown.

The planning I do is solely for me, to complete the assignment task.

I live, love and fantasize, I go to the woods and the beach for solace.

I stuck my neck in a book for fifty years, listened and played a million songs.

The best it gets is to hold a baby in your arms,

This is on Earth one of Heaven’s charms.

Be good to your neighbor, be good to yourself.

Be poor as dirt on the outside, find inside, your emerald wealth.