The Day I Decided to Become Steve Wardrip

by Steve Wardrip

As I was driving to the city the day of my Father’s death, which was by old age, I was looking for signs from the other side, beyond life, that he had passed on okay. I pulled up behind a big truck just getting ready to turn right. On the back door was a huge skull and crossbones with the scrolling marque at the bottom, saying , “Life is short, Live Free Now.”

How’s that for an ominous warning?!

And Then…

I took it to heart, started making the rules. I made a decision. Many times before, I had made half-ass decisions with the always open backdoor just in case it got too hard, was too much work or too much anything, I could just walk out the back door when I was finished. This time I nailed the back door shut, rolled a giant piano in front of it and poured cement ten feet thick over it so it can never be opened again. Why did I cement the backdoor shut? So that I couldn’t run, hide or escape. So that I had to come in the front door, work and only exit the front door when I was through working, when the job was finished. So far it’s not finished.

What is this work I speak of? Life, in it’s simplicity is not something to be toyed with. There is no back door. Life is the task at hand and it must not be lived frivolously. For in living one’s life, life will not be insulted, rather respected by your body, mind and spirit to varying vibrations and measures.

The day I started living life was the day I did something I never wanted to do, take responsibility. I always thought that was for squares, blindly dedicated robots, geeks who had thick glasses, scholars that couldn’t relate to street people, romanticizing dramatics, or hillbilly idiots that couldn’t remember their own name. I always thought dedication was a cop out to man made ideas. I always thought that stuff people made up couldn’t be true. I felt like I had to do and learn my own way and that in doing so, I would be blessed somehow, someway. I was and I wasn’t. I never succumbed, never surrendered, never gave into temptation to be a conformist, no never, copped out. When things failed, I moved on to the next failure. I did notice I was blessed. The little things and suddenly, big things. Miracles do happen.

The rest of your life on this Earth is not forever. In fact in just a short time, we will all die. This alone should be enough advance enlightenment that we need to get done what we need to get done while we are here and now.

What’s a nice way to say “Get off your ass and get busy!”

How ever you do that, in your own personal way, is what you need to do. You need to tell yourself that you need to get busy on the important things in life. You need to get off your ass and get busy and am I talking to myself too? Damn Skippy! I need to do it too, just like you.

It’s not the money, the relationships, the possessions, the prestige, clout, status or power. What it is… is a very important thing, more important than health, wealth or anything else. It is you, the core depth of you, the real you, the hidden deep you, the you that is afraid of what might happen… and that you are now terrified by what is going to happen, no doubt going to happen, and happen soon to happen to you. God made you. Miracles do happen.

Before you were doubtful, now you are desperate. You have only one way to run. You have only one choice to make. You have only one deal to make with yourself. You need to respect God who allows you to make this one decision.

The decision I made is of grand importance. I decided that I had always failed and that it pushed me on to do greater things and because of that I was stronger and that stronger is better. I decided that failure was what I wanted. Let me fail! Let me stand up and run again after failing. Let me show you and myself that I can do it. As Bob Seger put it in song “Against The Wind”, still runnung against the wind.

It doesn’t seem like yesterday to me, it seems like now to me. Now is when we get our work done. Not yesterday, nor tomorrow. Today is the day. Today is the miraculous day.

The day I decided to be Steve Wardrip was the day I started winning instead of failing, for I knew that every failure was a winner, also, that ever win was winner. Add many of these up and you get a big win!

On this day, I decided to win. The world had taught me how to fail and I taught myself how to win.

I win by making the decision to be me.

You do the same and win!

steve wardrip

steve wardrip

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