The Wind Speaks To Me

by m.s.wardrip

By Gid.By the sea. I reall y don give a flyingparootie avout waht anyto e thinjs. Itrs s mmy damn i dea, I; ma an o,e man b the sea, /Ik? Thanks. Now. I get doe n to buiness. i came here to wrote. Ur feeel rieght s thats wny u si it I;ve gor avabncer and i thik the best way to soet sm my thik e is here by the se ejntoij r g/ ..

(Unedited) (Edited from here on)

A harsh environment, the sea. It will beat the toughest man down. It will callous the most fragile female. It will drown the alley cat and it will make Italian or Filipino man, woman or child shark bait, it matters not to her majesty of the seven seas. It’s a balancing act on the high wire, the only difference the wire is now the seven seas. The Blackberry wine was good last night but it made me sleep late, woke up groggy and lightheaded, confused and normal. I like it very much. On with the saga. The skies were cloudy all day, in fact, at three pm it came a strong shower which smashed the Easter Lilies. Hail if you ask me. I think it was a deliberate act of nature. Who you going to report that to? No one. Yourself at best. Onward.

I like ship lap siding on a house, especially when you are going to paint it. First a little wire brush action, then a good rinse and scrubbing, the a final rinse and dry and you are ready for a primer coat. It he brushes on in the tight ports and rolls well in the action motions. The trick is to get the paint on the wall and not everything else. Save time and conserve paint. Easy to say, harder to do. Work efficiently and get the job done, get paid and move on to the next one. Do it right the first time and never come back until it’s time to paint again. Outdoor painting is different from indoor painting. Two different areas of expertise. Not that one is better than the other, just that they are different.

When I paint paintings, i usually do landscapes and buildings. I like gardens and lush grounds, seascapes and sketches. I remember doing woodwork, dovetailed corners and mortise and tenon construction. Cabinetry eludes you if you don’t stay in practice. Woodworking skills must be honed, perfected and maintained in order to produce top quality products. Now, I write and paint.

A hot meal at the end of the working day is the best treat of the day, so I make it well deserved. I respect the meal of the day. It is my lifeblood and way of coping with life’s challenges. This meal is special in every way. I always pray.

Self indulgence is the root of all pleasure! HaHa! Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Bad things are bad and rough to deal with, sometimes losing, altogether. Losing is dismal. I detest it. Sometimes it’s a necessary evil.

I used to get drunk and paint, but it just wastes paint. Now, I get in the mood and I create originals. Masterpieces, actually. You may not believe it, but it’s real to me. Truth is evident in my work. You will see.

Springtime Blossoms

When it comes to writing, leave me and my desk alone. It pains me already enough to not have to put up with you beating and banging around or whatnot, disturbing my concentration. It’s hard enough to focus without a rukkus distraction. I need sunglasses on my hands. I need invisible ink. It’s hard enough to think. The key to springtime blossoms is pink.

Sometimes it’s best to just show you my digital art.

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