by m.s.wardrip

Some people love the religious philosophy of Zen Buddhism. I have my own affection for many reasons, and one of those reasons is that just by speaking a few words, Zen masters are able to transmit tremendously important messages of harmony and vibration that are of immense value to all seekers on the path to their spiritual awakening. Right here you will find my best Zen sayings and proverbs of all time, forever and ever. This is my take on it which will hopefully help you see yourself and the world in a new light, with fresh, new eyes.

Article I.

“Now, the secret is here and now.”- Steve Wardrip

“Deliberately step. It’s all there is.”- Steve Wardrip

“Live now, don’t miss it.”- Steve Wardrip

“This life is now, work and play in one.”- Steve Wardrip

“To make the world better, be good to the next person you see.”- Steve Wardrip

“You teach me now.”- Steve Wardrip

“You are all here now.”- Steve Wardrip

“Here is peace if you want it.”- Steve Wardrip

“Your peaceful mind is present.”- Steve Wardrip

“Forgive and live now.”- Steve Wardrip

“If you are alive, you are uncertain.”- Steve Wardrip

“Being present and aware changes everything.”- Steve Wardrip

“Do it, forgetting self.”- Steve Wardrip

“In living don’t be fearfully drifting or helplessly clutching, rather, realize the precious, unique moment.”- Steve Wardrip

“Snap! It’s now! Wisdom is!”- Steve Wardrip

“Live slowly, deliberately, in peace, as in sipping tea.”- Steve Wardrip

“Fun Work, Fun play, this Life.”- Steve Wardrip

“Just show up.” — Steve Wardrip