Break up the CDSA’s Electoral Working Group and the branches as well

After a year running the Electoral Working Group for Chicago DSA I feel qualified to make a radical recommendation. The workload of the group is pointless and massive, and the benefit of the group is simply not there. Disband the EWG and reassign its responsibilities to new committees.

I believe the group has done good work and has contributed to CDSA, but I don’t think it follows a sustainable model. I don’t mean to undercut the work my comrades have done for CDSA in this group.

Below is my vision for electoral work in CDSA in five parts, starting with the short-term and practical fact that we need new co-chairs and other elected leadership in the group starting at our February meeting, or thereafter if they’re busy with the February elections.

New EWG leadership needed for Spring — see below
What’s up with the workload?
Why disband the EWG?
Why break up the branches?
What in its place?

Electoral will elect new leadership in February (or March if the new leaders are involved in the February municipal elections), so I’m asking candidates to self-nominate by emailing me and Ada as soon as possible. Ideally we’d have the candidates in hand by mid-January and give them time at the January meeting to make their case for votes and take questions, then hold the vote in February. No seats were contested in February 2018, which just seems wrong for the electoral group. Let’s change that for the February 2019 meeting.

Do I realize how stupid this is, to ask for applicants for leadership in the same document where I argue the group should be dissolved? I mean, I realize it’s a little contradictory, I think “stupid” seems a bit harsh. At any rate what I’m proposing here would take much longer than two months to implement, if it’s even accepted by the Executive Committee, which is no sure thing. I think this document demonstrates that I want to help and build up the next leaders of the EWG however I can, so the next leaders won’t be alone in dealing with the problems I describe here.