Is anyone surprised, his supporters voted for trash, and got it.
Think Progresser

Best case, there’s a lot of ignorance in this article. A multi-billion dollar private corporation ran by the main principal is not the same as Obama’s few hundred thousand in private 401k’s.. or the few hundred thousand in investments Bill Clinton had.. he didn’t make money until after his office.

It would take 5–10 years to wrap up such a business, and the same to unwind it afterwards. And that’s not to mention the man is the brand and the success of the business depends on his investment and business skills. It’s just not the same thing no matter how much you want it to be.

And the Nepotism laws apply to government agencies. And executive office is not an agency. It’s important to get this right.

As to the hater crybabies who aren’t mature enough to understand their pick for the Presidency lost.. grow up already. Geez.. I’ll bet not one of you said a word when Hillary actually accepted hundreds of millions from dictators and other world leaders for access to her office..