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The writer of this article is purposely off.

  1. The ad clearly shows the lady opening a safe to obtain her firearm. Yet, the writer’s first response in the subtitle is about a statistic about unsecured firearms. Even if the safe wasn’t there, if someone broke in your home would you rather be armed with a firearm. Or armed with a statistic?

2. Yes, Hillary wants to ban guns. She’s opening called for and supports banning semi-automatic sporting rifles and has stated her admiration for Australia’s confiscation and destroying of their citizens privately owned firearms. Just because she hasn’t called fro an all out banning of all types of guns doesn’t mean you can’t see it coming from her actions. And you can.

3. Then, he goes on to say the risk of someone invading your home with a firearm is not a significant risk. Significant to whom? The unlikely person who faces just that? Home invasions are on the rise and by every state law across the country, an intruder does not need to be armed with a firearm to be considered a deadly threat.

4. Then the writer goes back to the statistic that a gun owner is far more likely to be shot by their children… Yes, accidents happen, usually through severe negligence, but didn’t this ad show the gun in a safe? You know, the safe that disappears in the video? Two totally unrelated incidents.

5. The “take her secret services guards guns away” comment is so obvious in it’s meaning (the rich and elite always have armed protection, aren’t those guards being shot by their kids and don’t they pose a greater risk because they’re armed than if they weren’t? The reason Hillary has armed guards, along with most every politician, is because guns in the proper hands can save lives. To assume every gun owner outside of the secret service lacks such training is wrong. Many have such training and more.

We’ll never have a proper discussion on the subject of gun control until both sides stop with this sort of thing. Hit pieces, lies, omissions, it’s like a contest for the least literate person.. Stop that nonsense! Engage in conversation, don’t be opposed to learning new things.

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