Introducing Blameless Postmortems at ASOS


In recent months we have been rolling out a Blameless Postmortem process to help align our different teams, drive better outcomes and ultimately improve reliability. This is where we’re at on our journey of continuous improvement.

Learn from Failure
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The problem

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Here at ASOS, we’ve been experimenting with using natural language understanding capabilities to build new customer experiences in voice and conversational platforms. The first product that we launched is Enki, the ASOS Fashionbot on Facebook Messenger. Check it out here!

When building a bot for Facebook Messenger (without using a third-party integration such as Dialogflow or you are struck with an immediate automation testing challenge due to the constraints of their platform. When a user sends a message to your bot, Facebook will pass the message on to your webhook (an API with a POST endpoint) and expect an…

Steven Withey

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