Mexico City

I flew for four hours, and I moved 2 hours ahead of Los Angeles to Mexico City. The flight wasn’t the best, but I could handle the stress for only $80–90 one way. I can’t complain. For frequent fliers, I wonder if it is ever possible to fly constantly on a budget without deteriorating their body. As soon as I landed, I was relieved of body constraint. It was 5pm, and it was very dark. As I was strolling across numerous shops at the airport, I was mildly surprised at the cost of food. I know that 19 MXN pesos is only 1 USD, but little did I knew that the country right below me is vastly different:

“20 pesos for a sandwich”

“10 pesos for a bottled of water at a convenience shop”

“20 pesos for a bottled of water at a fancy coffee shop”

“15 pesos for a cup of noodles”

“Oh wow,” I thought. Literally, I could find plenty of items close to 1 USD or less. I decided to opt for 20 pesos for a bottled water at a fancy coffee shop. For safety purpose, I decided to hang out at the coffee shop in the airport for a few more hours until the morning light is visibly strong.

Within a year, I have seen a great deal of the world at my 23rd countries, mostly the western world and a few developing third worlds.