The Purpose Of Life

Morning Rituals are my favorite, I snooze my alarm to the music of “Slumber Party” when the final alarm comes on I let it play for a moment as I make my first stretch while laying on my bed. When the time hits 5:35 am I know I have to get up. I pause the music and make my way to the bathroom to shower and get ready for a new day.

I love showers, I do a lot of my thinking there, when the warm water is hitting the top of my head. The thoughts come rushing in. What I have planned for the day, what bills to pay, what food to eat, what close to wear. I use shower time to refresh my mind, to let the sadness and pain from the previous day drain away with my worries. When the last ten minutes of the shower are approaching I turn the warm water off and let the Cold water fall. Hesitant I poke my head in the cold water in first then my body. The water is painful, it stings and it’s cold. They say cold water helps with anxiety, skin care, to feel awake and more alert. I do this every morning, it helps to calm my thoughts, to calm my worries, it makes me smile and it makes me happy.

On my way to work as I walk outside of the building doors I play “Oceans, where my feet may fail” By Hillsong United. It helps me chant my daily Mantras.

one of them being

“Be strong and Courageous” comes from the bible Joshua 1:9 it’s tattooed on my arm to remind that there is always someone out there looking out for me. When I feel At the lowest I know I can count on something or someone to remind me that everything will be OK!

I also use “The Hardest thing in this world is to live in it, Be Brave, Live, live for for me” That’s a quote from “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” but I use it to remind myself to always live to the fullest potential possible even tho we all know that living in this cruel world has it’s beauty no matter how hard it is to live in it.

I’ve done this for almost two years now, It really has changed my life in a way where I can start my day on a positive note, regardless of how I finish the day.

I believe there are 2 types of ways to feel alone.

First one being: The loneliness we feel when we choose to be alone, we choose to do things on our own to our own satisfaction, we need that alone time to recoup from the day. I am okay with this one… I do things on my own all the time. I go to the movies alone, I eat Alone. I can stand alone and have no issues with that specific feeling of loneliness. I choose this one without having any problems.

The second one: The feeling of loneliness that creeps inside of you, that feeling of fear and afraid of not being able to express your emotions. Even tho all this love is around you.. You can’t help to feel alone, alone for the simple reason of seeing everyone around you have the things you've never had. The love of a family. Someone waiting for you to congratulate you when you make a big accomplishment. I know what people would say in scenarios like this

“Oh you have to find that inside of you, you need to find the love and bring that fire out, you don’t need anyone to do that for you, you need to find the voice within” and “You can do everything and/or anything on your own” (it makes me roll my eyes and cringe at the thought)

At the end of the day we are all human, as humans we crave a “hug”, a “congratulations”, a “kiss” from a loved one, a “hand shake”, a “smile” from a family member or simply a “Hey! everything will be OK, we are here with you”

We all have a journey in this world, a mission to fulfill. We are on a trip of self discovery, to find the purpose of why we walk this earth. Some people leave this world not knowing what that is or if they lived to the fullest, if they fulfilled there purpose on earth.

I knew I had a purpose in life after going thru everything I went thru. I endured all the pain to help those in need of love, of self acceptance. Even tho some days are a a struggle I still have a purpose, a mission. To spread love, to spread my story and help those in need of a hug, of a smile of something to uplift them from whatever it is they are going thru. I have a purpose of writing this book, writing to finish an untold story. Will some read maybe, will some be inspired ? Maybe.. and the majority will chose to ignore it but I know that by the end of it all I am fulfilling my purpose… the mission

With everything that has been going on around us, the violence, the hate, the discrimination of every sort. We have to stick together, we have to love unconditionally. Love with out expecting anything in return. When someone pushes you down choose to turn the other cheek, choose to still welcome them with open arms. Choose to use words of Love instead of words of hate.

Channel a mantra, Instead of saying “I can’t” say “ I can” do things that will make a difference in this world no matter how small it is. what matters is the gesture of doing something for someone or this world.

Finding happiness and love in this world is a constant struggle but know that if you decide to to tell yourself that everything will be alright …. trust me it gets better

The hard times always lead to better days and that’s why those hard times and days are so important in our lives…

This is a portion of the book I am writing but I also wrote this today, This morning, fresh out of my mind. My passion is writing and If I can put a smile on some ones face with my words It means I am on the right path..