I’m a Muslim, a woman and an immigrant. I voted for Trump
Asra Nomani

You can still be part of the Pantsuit Revolution, nuanced opinions are needed everywhere, and women with nuanced opinions are especially important. You can choose your battles. I would back your freedom to express.

I know what it’s like to repress your own views. I come from a conservative family and live in a super liberal town, and I would consider myself a progressive libertarian. I get it from both sides, and it can quickly become a barrage of unrelenting of absurdism and emotional spewage if I don’t keep my mouth shut.

Ultimately, I voted for Hillary to stop Trump, but I only supported her for a day or two prior to the election. I like Hillary. She is a kind of cool super hero/villain to me; I respected her iron toughness, her eloquence, and her pragmatism. I liked that she was mostly on my side and that she would work towards my freedom. I also pardoned her for some of her questionable tactics and strategies because I believe they were necessary in order to permeate through that membrane of men who also engage in unfair politics. However, nuance prevented me from endorsing her wholeheartedly.

As a lover of freedom and a believer that freedom increases as options increase and ideologies are stretched, I was not happy with the eradication of Bernie Sanders from the election. I was also disheartened by some of the things mentioned in the leaked emails, mainly the emails that suggested that the DNC was engaged in an intentional effort to keep US citizens dumb. In Heinz site, which is always 57/43, I kind of wish I would have just stuck to my guns and voted for a 3rd party, if for no reason but the sake of integrity and for the spirit of freedom; something I still feel that I have… But, for how much longer?

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