Class Started 2hrs Ago, Oh Am I Late?!?

Today I woke hella groggy. It’s day 13 of Ramadan. I should be excited, right? Except, I skipped my suhoor (pre-dawn meal). I woke up into the fast, with no drink or food to keep me energized for the day. On top of that, I was slated to arrive two hours late* for work. So, yeah, hella groggy.

I hopped onto the bus and grabbed a seat in the back. I think of Rosa Parks each time I do that. I think of Rosa Parks because of what she did. Her struggle, her jihad. Mine is very much different.

Anyways, I sat down and dove into my book: the Autobiography of Malcolm X. In today’s time, in the era of Trump, I’m sure brother Malcolm is having a laugh. Not at our expense, of course, but at the philandering results of government and how they (mis)serve our people. The FBI Director is testifying today regarding what went down between him and the president in recent months. Yesterday, he “leaked” his memo. Kind of ironic, someone from the Federal Bureau of Investigation would “leak” information as sensitive as that to the press. These are trying times. The internet is making government reshape its philosophy.

Then, I met Broke-Ass Stuart. Someone left an article from the San Francisco Examiner on the seat next to me. The title of the piece caught my attention, “Misconceptions about Muslims.” I did a double take as to whether or not I should pick up and read the damn thing. I didn’t know who’s hands might’ve touched it. There could’ve been traces of feces from the homeless man that read it before…

I manned up and grabbed the paper. Let me tell you why: I had just finished reading about Malcolm X’s journey to Mecca. He describes it in great detail. He’s always reminding the reader that, “Allah is always with you when you are with Him.” Nevertheless, I felt motivated enough to read the short piece. And so, I did. The main takeaway that I enjoyed was this:

“The U.S. created both Al-Qaeda and ISIS. You can’t create monsters and not expect them to do monstrous things. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and Google that shit.” — Broke-Ass Stuart

Stuart gives the reader a quick story about a coworker of his from a restaurant they worked at in NYC. The coworker was working two jobs; he’d start his second job with Stuart while having a few hours remaining from his daily fast during Ramadan. His colleague would share his food (iftar) with Stuart each time he broke fast. As Stuart classically states, “He was a Muslim immigrant who’d come here in search of the American Dream.”

Of course, stories like these won’t go mainstream enough to change the narrative. Terrorism and Islam are vitriolically linked in today’s mainstream media. You’ll have to do yourself a favor and master the art of the search engine in order to evince the truth from the bullshit.

What goes viral today isn’t necessarily organic. Sometimes, like a good o’l batch of lysergic acid, it’s artificially produced. On my Reddit feed, I saw an article about Saudi Arabia’s soccer team failing to give the victims of the Manchester bombing a moment of silence. Why did the Saudis not give into spending a moment of silence? Apparently, it’s more effective to pay respects through offering prayer(s) or performing charity. Having a moment of silence doesn’t cut it for the Saudi culture.

Twitter feed tells me it’s Kanye’s birthday. Respect. I need to push my product like he did. Get out and rip the game a new one. 3 hours remain for today’s fast. I look forward to chiseling away towards perfecting my deen (Arabic for religion). Being Muslim is just as easy as mining diamonds or drilling for black gold…y’all can’t tell me nothing!

*I say ‘late’ because the man wants you to be on time and participate in the grandiloquent plan nonchalantly known to most as wage slavery.*