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You Will Never Change Your Life Until You Change Your Daily Routine

These Theme Challenges are based on doing something similar every day, based on a ‘theme’. For example, one of these challenges as you take a few minutes each day to identify an area of your life that needs to be improved, and to specify how you can improve it.

The common theme for the challenge is to discover a way to improve any area of your life, the difference between completing the challenge one day and the next involves examining a different aspect of your life.

Listening to Audiobooks Is Just As Good As Reading, If Not Better, So Back the Hell Off

30 Days Challenge Podcast

1. Theme Challenges — The 1 Thing I Could Improve About…

Every day, I will identify 1 simple way of improving 1 area of my life
Ideas: What you feed your mind, what you eat, how you start your day, your business, your relationship with someone you love, being organized, how you communicate with others, how you spend your time, what you say, how you think, your outlook on…


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