Board Games Will Save Us
John DeVore

Crib was a game of passage for us growing up. The adults always played the game after dinner, often after my great-aunt read tea leaves.

As a youngster you were allowed to sit on somebody’s lap while they played, assuming you could sit there quietly. If you were lucky they’d let you throw one of their cards in, or even hold their cards.

As you grew older and could actually count to 15, the game was slowly introduced to you by one of the members of the adult class. As you skills broadened less help was given until you could play on you own.

I have fond memories of playing against many members of the family that are long since gone. All were great players who passed along their insight into the game and silly game related sayings.

The following are forever burned into my brain: “Fifteen two and the rest won’t do”; “Fifteen four and rest won’t score, no more no more”; “Fifteen six and the rest won’t mix”.

Great game, well written story.

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