1 day left! Credo ICO Instructions. Technical Talk.

We’re nearly there. Fewer than 24 hours are left until the ICO is set to open. The smart contract will begin accepting purchases when a specific block number (4,077,830) is reached. I expect this block to be reached around 1PM PST, but it could be slightly before or after that. You can check the current block number at etherscan.io.

Now that we’re nearly there, please be sure to read through the participation instructions before tomorrow. There have been a number of security breaches with other token sales, and so I encourage you to check that you’re using the right address via multiple sources. Please cross-check this email, our social media, and the BitBounce website to ensure that you have the right details. In addition to the above graphic, here are the details in text form for easier copying into your wallet:

Address: 0xd6A81D7A8B4D1Cc947138d9e4ACA5D3cdE33a170

Custom data: 0xb4427263

I also recommend you watch a technical talk that I gave over the weekend in San Francisco. This will help ensure that you have a deeper understanding of the technology behind Credo.

We have built tremendous momentum for Credo. Beyond this ICO, our future is looking bright as the profile of our work and token reaches new levels of media attention and recognition. This has been a collective effort and I appreciate the contributions of every member of our community. Thank you for all of your help along the way.

I’ll be in touch tomorrow before the ICO!