How to participate in the Credo ICO

Stewart Dennis
Jul 26, 2017 · 3 min read

The Credo ICO is about to open at approximately 1PM PST on July 26th.

If you’re planning on participating but not sure how to do so, here are some instructions:

1. Navigate to

2. Enter a password into the password field and then click the Generate Wallet button.

3. Click on the Download Keystore File button.

4. Save the downloaded file in a safe place.

5. Click on the button titled ‘I promise I won’t lose this ever. Continue.’ and keep that promise :).

6. Click the Print Paper Wallet button and then print the document that is generated.

7. Save the private key that’s shown directly under the label Private Key (unencrypted) in a safe place. You need to be very careful about where you save this because it gives full access to your wallet. You’ll also need the key in a moment.

8. Click the button titled Next: Save your Address.

9. Click on the private key option.

10. Type in (or copy and paste) your private key that was generated in steps 6 and 7.

11. Scroll down, find the value under Account Address, and save it somewhere convenient (it’s also written on your paper wallet). This address is safe to give to others since they can’t access your wallet with it only (they would need the private key that you saved earlier).

12. Scroll down to the button called Buy ETH w/ USD via Coinbase, and then click on the button.

13. Use the Coinbase Buy Widget to purchase ETH.

14. Go back to and type in your private key to access your account.

15. Type in the Credo ICO address (0xd6A81D7A8B4D1Cc947138d9e4ACA5D3cdE33a170) into the To Address, set the gas limit (I recommend using a gas limit over 50,000), and then set the custom data field to 0xb4427263 like so:

16. Specify an amount of ETH to send in the Amount to Send field and then click Generate Transaction.

16. Click on Send Transaction.

17. That’s it! Credos will be sent to your shortly after you’ve participated — if the sale hadn’t already ended or your transaction didn’t go through — and you will then see an amount of Credos show up in your MyEtherWallet account.

Stewart Dennis

Written by

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of BitBounce.

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