T minus 1 hour!

The big day has arrived!

My friend,

Our moment has come. The Credo ICO is nearly upon us. The opening is in approximately 1 hour at 1:30pm. I can feel the adrenalin coursing through me as I write this to you. I hope you feel it too.

It’s important that you’re ready to participate as soon as the sale begins. Here are the steps:

  1. Navigate to MyEtherWallet
  2. Create a wallet and buy Ether.
  3. Transfer your Ether to the ICO Address with the custom data value to buy Credos.

Here are address and custom data details again:

ICO Address: 0xd6A81D7A8B4D1Cc947138d9e4ACA5D3cdE33a170

Custom data: 0xb4427263

Remember to cross-check the address against our website and social media posts before participating.

The time for decision and action has arrived. Please be prepared to act once the block number strikes 4,077,830. I’ll see you on the other side.